Contact Us

To notify the Academy if your son or daughter will be absent from school, or to speak to a member of Academy staff, please click the link below for contact details and location maps.

Osprey Quay Campus Address and contact details – 01305 820262 Ext. 131

IPACA Sixth Form Address and contact details – 01305 820262 Ext. 268

Royal Manor Campus Address and contact details – 01305 820262 Ext. 300

Southwell Campus Address and contact details – 01305 820262 Ext. 132


For a full list of teacher email addresses, please see below –

Mrs J Armstrong
Mrs P Austin
Miss A Baker
Mr J Batchelor
Mr M Blanthorn
Miss T Board
Mr A Boatswain
Mrs L Bullin
Mr N Burton
Ms L Byrne
Mrs L Castilla-Aguilera
Mrs J Childs
Miss J Cornell
Mr A Counter
Miss L Cox
Mr B Craig
Mr A Dawson
Mr M Delany
Mrs R Denham
Ms T Dunstall
Mrs K Dutton
Miss V Falcon Garcia
Mrs E Fry
Ms E Green
Dr A Greenwood
Mrs L Hackett
Mrs S Haines
Miss N Hamilton
Mrs J Hayes
Miss M Heppell
Miss M Holmes
Miss M Hyatt
Mr D Kinsey
Mrs M Lister
Ms M Lowe
Mrs J Luke
Mrs S Marks
Mr J Mason
Miss A Mills
Mrs R Milverton
Mr M Mullender
Mr C Newman
Ms A Nicoll
Miss C OBeirne
Mr B Page
Mr S Rakestrow
Mrs F Randell
Mrs L Read
Mr N Rimell
Mrs S Shirley
Mr S Simmonds
Mr J Smith
Miss L Snooks
Mr L Spencer
Mr G Spracklen
Mrs V Steadman
Mr M Stevens
Mrs L Swinhoe
Mr M Symons
Mrs G Taylor
Mrs J Thomas
Mr K Thorne
Mrs S Vickery
Mr C Wadley
Mrs K Watson
Mr J Webb
Mrs E Westall
Mrs A Williams
Ms A Winsborough
Mr B Winstanley